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Drinking Less

In Drinking on September 14, 2011 at 6:39 pm

I’ve been trying to be good lately: more veggies, less ice cream; more stairs, less elevator rides; more water, less alcohol. For the most part it’s been working out OK. But today, here I sit with an insidious hangover, seriously reconsidering that last one.

You know those cartoons where a character gets shot up into space in a rocket and winds up with his face plastered against some window in the bottom of the ship? That’s sort of what my brain feels like today. It’s smushed right up against my skull screaming to get out.

So why would a guy with a hangover reconsider a plan to drink less booze and more water? Because when you ride the wagon, you get soft and out of shape. Much better to boldly splash through puddles of scotch, tramp alongside rivers of beer and swim through limpid Caribbean seas of rum. It’s training. It keeps you in shape. Keeps the liver alert and in fighting form (makes it feel wanted too). Exercises those kidneys. And of course, makes you charming, attractive and younger-feeling.

I didn’t even drink that much last night–a few bottles of wine with friends. Went to bed at a decent hour and even remembered to drink some water before drifting away. But here I sit, pasty-mouthed and feeling like someone moved my sharpness, contrast and color sliders all the way to the left. And I blame it all on trying to be good.

So back to training for me. I think I’ll start with my six pack.


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